Anne Stedman, Helpline Coordinator and Facilitator

Anne Stedman was formerly the President of the MHCN Board before stepping down and becoming MHCNs Helpline Coordinator and Facilitator.

Anne has been the Primary Carer for her son who has experienced chronic mental illness over the last 13 years and during this time has gained experiential knowledge of the complexity of issues regarding the care and support of people experiencing mental illness in the community.

These issues involve, to name a few:

  1. The legal and ethical dilemma between Duty of Care and the individual’s right to self-determination.
  2. The impact of mental illness on the individual, the Carer and the community.
  3. The limitations and gaps in service provision within the NSW Mental Health system- often a result of the above mentioned legal and ethical issues, as well as staffing levels and communication flow processes between acute and community services.

At a community level she has supported and assisted in the creation of “The Hub” at Bateau Bay as well as the property, Lerida. The Hub is a source for information and support for those affected by mental illness in our local community. Consumer participation and peer voluntary workforce have been encouraged at both sites and Anne has been heartened to observe the workers develop confidence and competency in their roles and the value this contributes to their lives.

Anne is an active member of the Carer Consumer Advisory Group for Hunter PIR. She has observed the rollout of the NDIS in the Hunter Trial Site and the valuable role PIR has developed in relation to assisting and supporting people with a lived experience of chronic and persistent mental ill health within the Hunter region.

Anne has also been an active member of the Board of Mental Health Carers NSW ARAFMI as well as Central Coast ARAFMI and Hunter ARAFMI. These roles have involved attending conferences and forums and reporting back to the respective Board and members on the latest developments and Best Practice directions within the sector.

Anne is also a passionate advocate amongst organizations and the community around the concept of Social Enterprise as well as training and supported work opportunities, for both Carers and people with a lived experience of mental illness, as an intrinsic part of the Recovery process.