1. Influence Policy Leadership & Reform

1.1 Maintain and develop new strategic relationships with service providers, policy makers and community partners, and advocate for increased engagement of carer experience and representation in reform and governance processes.

1.2 Support mental health carer advocacy, participation, and leadership in policy, co-design and service delivery processes.

1.3 Draw attention to the importance of mental health carer voices and lived experience.

1.4 Advocate for a mental health system that is accessible and inclusive, providing a safe partner in care to mental health carers.

2. Community, Mental Health & Carer Services Development

2.1 Raise awareness of the value of increased capacity in the mental health and carer support sector.

2.2 Promote, recognise, respect and engage carer lived experience in policy, systemic and service reform.

2.3 Reduce stigma and improve social inclusion of mental health carers by informing and educating the sector and community.

2.4 Promote the role and voice of mental health carers in mutual support, carer peer workers and lived experience workers.

3. Promote Mental Health Carer Capacity in Care, Advocacy & Governance

3.1 Enhance the capacity and knowledge of mental health carers to navigate the system through information, resources, training and peer support.

3.2 Foster innovation in research by collaborating with and facilitating relationships between mental health carers, researchers, and sectors.

3.3 Lead by example through engaging with mental health carers as partners in mutual support, advocacy and governance.

3.4 Develop new ways for carers to engage and participate in MHCN and sector activities, to increase awareness and recognition of carer experiences and expertise.

4. Continuous Organisational Development & Improvement

4.1 Create a Mental Health Carer Advocacy Network supported by a diverse stakeholder engagement strategy to reflect the diversity of mental health carers in the NSW and provide opportunities for them to share their stories and experiences.

4.2 Foster co-design within MHCN through a Co-design Committee and Governance Committee to support the promotion of MHCN, its programs, advocacy, training and resources.

4.3 Identify sustainable funding resources to remove cost as a barrier to carer engagement and participation and to achieve organisational sustainability.

4.4 Review MHCN’s engagement, advocacy, programs and systems for continuous improvement and accreditation.

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