We are happy to accept any donation, big or small. Your goodwill and generosity help us to do the work we do to support mental health carers in NSW, and we really appreciate it!

All donations over $2.00 are tax deductible. If you’re interested in donating to us, you can visit our online donation platform, Raizely.

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Alternatively, if you wish to donate via a direct deposit into our account or by another method, you can contact us.


An additional way to help us is to leave a bequest for MHCN in your will.

Being named a beneficiary in people’s wills is a huge way to assist us in our work to support mental health carers NSW. You may choose to do this with a gift in your will. A gift can take the form of:

  • The residue of the estate;
  • A percentage of the estate;
  • A specific amount of money;
  • A life insurance or superannuation policy;
  • Assets such as shares, property, works of art, jewelry.
  • An investment in perpetuity.

Before doing this, you may wish to consult your solicitor, trustee company or the Public Trustee to get advice on how to leave a bequest in your will.

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