The Mental Health Branch (MHB) at the NSW Ministry of Health, has commenced a review of forms created to assist in the administration of the Mental Health Act 2007. The Forms were created when the Act commenced in 2007 and are used to assist clinicians communicate with consumers and carers and to meet the legal requirements of the Act.

MHB is funding MHCN to seek in depth feedback from people who care for someone living with a mental health condition, in relation to 7 carers forms. Carers forms are those forms created to notify or advise carers of an action or event taking place in relation to the consumer they care for. This feedback will be provided through participation in a focus group session run online by MHCN.

Mental Health Carers NSW (MHCN) is seeking to recruit ten carers to provide feedback on 7 carers forms. This will require reviewing each of the 7 carers forms, provide feedback via a survey, and attend a focus group discussion with a staff member of MHCN, as well as a representative from the Ministry of Health.

If you are selected we will ask you to:
• Review the 7 forms, and complete a survey about the forms by Thursday, 5.00pm, 8th June.
• Attend the focus group discussion on Wednesday, 10.00am – 1.00pm, 21st June.

At the focus group, carers will be asked to discuss the results of the survey about each of the forms and together make some recommendations for the redesign of the forms.

Carers will be paid $220 for their participation in this consultation. This amount will include payment for: reading the background information, reviewing the 7 forms, completing the survey, and attending the focus group discussion.

The consultation will be held online via audio-visual link on ZOOM.

We would like to hear from carers with diverse backgrounds and caring experiences, including carers from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander carers.

If you would like to submit an expression of interest to participate in this consultation, please click on this link and answer the questions by 5.00pm on Wednesday, May 31st 2023:


18th May, 2023

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