All About the Family Focused Recovery Framework

What is the Family Focused Recovery Framework?

The Family Focused Recovery Framework aims to improve outcomes for infants, children, young people, parents/carers and families through family focused assessment, treatment and support.” The framework includes a focus on pregnant women, partners, parents who experience mental illness and their children. The Family Focused Recovery Framework guides family focused practice in NSW public mental health services.

What does Family Focused Care Look Like?

  • All members of the family are identified, and their own needs are explored, including the needs of children and young people who aren’t consumers
  • Mental health plans support consumers in their parenting/caring roles
  • Family involvement is encouraged by services
  • Services have family friendly visiting hours, safe spaces and accommodation arrangements for families
  • Services have resources for families and for children that are culturally appropriate.
  • Services offer interventions for families such as family therapy, group therapy and parenting education
  • Services identify and respond to child wellbeing and safety concerns
  • Consumers, family members and carers are involved in service co-design and in governance
  • Staff are aware of the importance of families and carers in recovery from mental illness and know how to work respectfully with them

Where can I find the Family Focused Recovery Framework?

You can read the Framework by clicking here!

How can I get involved to support the implementation of the Family Focused Recovery Framework in NSW?

  • Send in an EOI to join the knowledge exchange by UNSW on the Family Focused Recovery Framework which aims to develop a survey to evaluate how well Local Health Districts (LHDs) implement the framework. For more information, see the PDF invitation and EOI application forms below.
  • Talk to your local health district mental health services and ask them about how they are implementing the Family Focused Recovery Framework.
  • Tell other families and carers that you know about the family focused recovery framework.
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15th February, 2022

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