The fantastic news that the Federal Government has announced that it is investing $8.5M to establish to new independent mental health peak bodies has been welcomed by MHCN and Katrina Armstrong, CEO of Mental Health Carers Australia, (the ‘industry’ funded national peak body for mental health carer organisations like MHCN).

MHCA has led a push for a government funded national peak for mental health carers for decades. 

Kartina advised member organisations including MHCN, “This is a result of the many tireless years of advocacy by families and consumers, and an incoming government that recognises the vital role lived experience voices play in the reform process.”

“MHCA’s role over the past two years in persistently advocating for the peaks has played a significant part in the decision to establish two peak bodies (and not a single entity) to separately represent both consumers of mental health services and their families and carers.”

“It is a fantastic outcome, giving service consumers and their families and carers a greater voice into government and policy decisions.”

“I thank all our member organisations for your contributions, tireless advocacy and support that has led to this outcome!”

“We will be writing to Minister Butler and Assistant Minister McBride to thank and acknowledge this historic decision and to ensure that MHCA will be at the forefront of establishing the new family/carer peak body.”

MHCN also congratulates the federal Health Minister Mark Butler and Assistant Minister for Mental Health Emma McBride for this welcome decision.

MHCN would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the contribution of Katrina Armstrong and MHCA President Jeremy Coggin in MHCA’s very effective advocacy to achieve this very goal, after many, many years of trying.

However, MHCN also recognises and congratulates all the other carer and consumer peak organisations that have supported MHCA in this endeavour, not to mention the carer and consumer advocates that have laboured and endured so long for this, including those that sadly did not live to see this victory.

“We may allow ourselves a brief moment of rejoicing.”

Now we begin the real work of reforming our mental health system in light of the rights and needs and expressed preferences of the consumers and carers of Australia, supported by their national peaks!

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7th February, 2023

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