Location: Redfern

Address: 36 Turner St, Redfern NSW 2016

Catchment Area: Metro Sydney

Eligibility: Verification of Aboriginal identity for new service user rego

Supported By: Aboriginal Medical Services (AMS)

Website: https://amsredfern.org.au/about/

Contact Number: (02) 9319 5823

Main Contact: Call or Enquire online

Availability: Medical clinic (Mon-Thu 8am-6pm, Fri 9-5), Public health clinic (Mon-Fri 9-5), AOD unit (Mon-Thu 8-6)

Description: Aboriginal peoples might be more likely to access services that are culturally safe and community controlled. This means that MH carers (in sydney metro areas) might be accessing these services for themselves or their loved ones.

Support Categories

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Carers

Support Types

Health Services

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