Location: Service comes to you

Address: Service provided at home or in the community

Catchment Area: Illawarrra-Shoalhaven and Murrumbidge regions

Eligibility: Must be over 18, be clinically managed or treated by a local health district community MH service

Supported By: Wellways

Website: https://www.wellways.org/our-services/enhanced-adult-community-living-support-service

Contact Number: 1300 111 400

Main Contact: 1300 111 400

Availability: N/A- Enquire for info

Description: EACLSS is a community MH service providing case management and psychoscoial support to adults experiencing MH issues. EACLSS can be developed in partnership with family and caarers. Aims: manage MH and wellbeing, live independantly in the community or sustain accommodation, manage everday tasks and improve living skills, participate in community, improve resilience and community life, access employment, education or training

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Outreach Support Service

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