Location: Online

Address: N/A

Eligibility: Free service: Must be adult sibling who provides genreal support for a sibling

Supported By: Siblings Australia

Website: https://www.facebook.com/groups/209185819206044/?fref=ts

Contact Number: (08) 8253 4937

Main Contact: kate@siblingsaustralia.org.au

Availability: A closed group for adult siblings, which provides general support from other siblings

Additional Information: http://siblingsaustralia.org.au/siblings/connect-with-other-siblings/ Siblings Australia is a non-profit national organisation committed to improving support for brothers and sisters of people with special needs; including disability, chronic illness and mental health issues

Description: SibChat, sponsored by Siblings Australia, is an online Facebook community for adult siblings of people with disability or chronic illness (physical or mental).

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