Location: Online

Address: Head office in NSW:Level 2, 29 kiora Road Miranda NSW 2234

Catchment Area: Online

Eligibility: Online Application or referral

Supported By: Little Dreamers

Website: https://www.littledreamers.org.au/get-involved/young-carer-advocacy/

Contact Number: 1806 717 515

Main Contact: info@caringkids.org.au

Availability: N/A

Additional Information: Little Dreamers is Australia's leading YC support organisation. LDs have been targetting rural and regional YCs in 2020 hand have seen a 135% increase in the number of carers supported. Young carers involved with Little Dreamers primarily care for a sibling and 1/4 care for more than one family member.

Description: Australia wide initiative to give YCs a platform to influence thier community and create policy change nationwide. Focus groups have been conducted nationwide with over 300 YCs (15-24 y/o) to voice thoughts, feelings and recommendtions about current support to YCs.--> smaller group 16 YCs to devlop a policy support for Australian govt. on how better to support young Australians OCT 2021.

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