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As part of MHCN’s free education and training program, we will be facilitating a range of mental health carers and consumer training sessions throughout May and June!

Upcoming Sessions:

Session 1: Inclusive Care Planning on Friday, May 17th 2024 – Register Here!

Session 2: Recovery Oriented Practice on Thursday, May 30th 2024 – Register Here!

Session 3: The Caring Journey on Tuesday, June 11th 2024 – Register Here!

Session 4: User’s Guide to the NSW Mental Health System on Thursday, June 27th – Register Here!

Who are the courses for?

All of our training courses are designed to help educate and teach useful skills to mental health carers, families and friends. However, others such as people living with mental health conditions, mental health organisations and professionals, students and other interested individuals are welcome to attend and will still benefit from the training.

Why attend?

  • The training is FREE – so don’t miss out on booking your spot.
  • Our training is delivered by a carer peer trainer who is empathetic and understanding and offers you the opportunity to meet and connect with other carers.
  • At the end of your session, you will receive a free Learner Toolkit. This is a invaluable resource which contains information on what you learnt in the training as well as relevant contacts and forms which you may require during times of crisis or when seeking support.
  • MHCN is the peak body for mental health carers in NSW, giving you access to a wealth of insider knowledge and experience gained over many years. This training gives you the opportunity to connect with us and learn more about the work we are doing.
  • You can provide feedback about the training, tell us what you would like to learn more about, how we helped or where we could improve.

For more information, please email:

Jade Curran –


Funded by the National Disability Insurance Agency.

Date & Time

17th May 2024 - 30th May 2024 - 11th June 2024 - 27th June 2024

Online on Zoom

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