People seeking help from the legal assistance sector often experience mental distress, but they have not had a say in shaping the services they use. Across Australia, the legal assistance sector is not well supported to work with people experiencing mental health issues or carers, even though this is a common part of their work.

Mental Health Carers NSW will host a paid consultation by Legal Aid on mental health training. The consultation will be held online via Zoom in collaboration with Erika Ballance, Family and Carer Consultant, Justice Health and Forensic Mental Health Network.

The consultation will be held in the: Carers of Forensic and Corrections Patients Network meeting scheduled for Tuesday, April 11th, 2pm – 4:30pm.

The consultation will be held in the first half of the meeting from approximately 2pm to 3:30pm. Carers are then welcome to stay online for the rest of the meeting, including a session on mutual sharing and support amongst carers after the consultation, from 3:30pm to 4:30pm.

For more info and to apply, download the EOI form here:


23rd March, 2023

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